Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Story Behind the Four Seasons

Many of you may know their songs and have heard the name, but do you really know everything there is to know about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? Well, I do not have enough time to tell you everything but here are some talking points - some great party facts if you will.

With less than seven weeks until the arrival of Jersey Boys (the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons) in Memphis, we will work to reacquaint our patrons with behind-the-scenes information about the band, the show and everything in between. Our E-Blast this week will be profiling the band, the show and each Jersey Boy.

Frankie Valli and Tommy DeVito started playing in a group in 1954. In 1956, they settled on the name 'The Four Lovers.' After a few line-up changes and 18 different stage name changes, Nick Massi and Bob Guadio joined with Vallie and DeVito to form 'The Four Seasons' in 1961, after having no success with The Four Lovers name. The Four Season was actually the name of the bowling alley where they were turned down for an audition, thus beginning the Four Season Partnership.

The band went on to sell 175 million records-worldwide-all before they were 30 years old. All total, The Four Seasons had five #1 hits and a total of eleven songs to crack the Billboard's Top Ten.

All in all, The Four Seasons managed to be successful and weather the musical changes of the 1960's and 70's through the Do-Wop, Motown and Disco eras of music.

The Four Seasons were introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990

For more information on Jersey Boys coming to Memphis, click here:

Tune your radio dial in next week for the story behind the musical.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is Kid's Night

This past Thursday was the Orpheum's first Kid's Night on Broadway for the new season. Kids visited the Orpheum to see the magical Cirque Holidaze. Each kid got a free ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket which is a great deal! And, there were games, face painting, balloons and prizes for every kid that came through the door.

Our next Kid's Night on Broadway is during the Wizard of Oz. Be sure to check it out. It is a great, inexpensive way to expose children to Arts and Broadway. Call 901-525-7800 for more information.

Here are some pictures of Kid's Night during Cirque.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Holidays are Upon Us

So this week, Memphis kicked off the Holidays with some cold weather. Temperatures in the 40s always mean that everyone will be complaining but on a good note that the Holiday Season is here!

In order to keep people thinking positively about the Holiday weather, the Orpheum had Cirque Dreams Holidaze come to Memphis! I personally saw the show last night and met some of the wonderfully, talented cast members. The show was a success. The talent, flexibility and amazement of the acrobats in the show made for an awesome performance! If you have not seen it yet you should go. The tightrope act was my personal favorite and I found myself holding my breath the entire time!

Following last night's show was a Cast Party at the Silly Goose. Almost all the cast and crew were present and very friendly. Even the little boy in the show stopped by. One of the cast members has been doing these 'cirque' shows since he was six and he is now in his forties. Needless to say he was very talented! Special thanks to Silly Goose for hosting the Cast Party.

Want to hear more about Cirque Dreams Holidaze check out the blog post from Downtown Memphis:

Tickets to the show are still available at the Orpheum (525-3000) or through Ticketmaster. Check out our website at

Friday, October 23, 2009

Memphis: It's all the Rave

So if you have somehow not turned on your TV, not opened your Facebook, not checked Twitter, stopped reading all of the blogs, and completely failed to stay up to date on current affairs than I guess you may have not heard about 'Memphis' a new musical! And, for those who have heard about the show continue to spread the positive words.

Memphis opened on Broadway this past Monday, October 19th; needless to say it was a hit and the city of Memphis was represented! See the photos of some of the Memphians who came below and do not forget that the Peabody Ducks were also present!
Kevin Kane from Memphis CVB

Kerry Crawford, Memphis CVB, I Love Memphis

The Neelys even made the trip!

And of course Pat Halloran from the Orpheum

Now the best part was when the Star, Felecia, said "On my way to the Orpheum" in the show! Even though this was not a sporting event, all the Memphians wildly cheered. I mean what a honor!

For anyone who is making a trip to New York or is thinking about taking the trip, I highly recommend going to see this show. Having not seen it myself, I can only speak about what I have heard and quite frankly, it has all been good. I heard the energy is amazing, the story line is heart wrenching, and the songs and voices are inspiring and astonishingly wonderful.

For more information on the show visit their website at or check out the I Love Memphis blog for a full report of opening night

Have you seen Memphis or heard anything about the show?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Compilation of Facts

So this week at The Orpheum will unofficially be called 'Fact Week'--highly similar to Shark Week only awesomer cause you are getting facts about the Orpheum as opposed to killing creatures.

Listed below are all the facts I have posted on Twitter and Facebook plus more! Want to know a fact or have a question? Well than ask it and I can answer it!

The Orpheum has brought CATS to Memphis over 13 times and people still ask for it to come back!

The Orpheum Theatre was originally The Grand Opera House and was built in 1890!

The Orpheum was renovated in 1996 to expand the stage so we could bring in big shows like Phantom, Wicked, Lion King etc.

It can cost far more than $600,000 to bring a Broadway Show to Memphis! Thanks to our donors we are able to bring Broadway to Beale

During our Vaudeville days, we hosted stars such as Harry Houdini, George Burns, Madame Sarah Bernhardt and Helen Keller

The Orpheum has over 400 Volunteers that help with Ushering Shows and daily operations. Wow 400! How would we operate without our Volunteer Ushers!?

In 1940, M.A. Lightman, bought the Theatre and made it the flagship of Malco Movie Chain.

The Orpheum contributes over $500,000 each year in Sales Tax to the city, county, and state!

The Orpheum Theatre is a 501c3 and provides over 17 Arts Education Programs to the Mid South, including Star Search this Saturday!

It cost over $700,000 a year to maintain The Orpheum and keep it true to its history! Thanks to all our donors, The Orpheum continues to be a beautiful historical landmark!

The Orpheum Theatre actually loses over $1 Million each year due to the expenses of mataining the Theatre and bringing in shows. Thanks to donations we are able to recoup this loss and stay a premier Theatre.

Friday, October 9, 2009

An SEC Battle

Next Friday, October 17, 2009, there will be an SEC battle of sorts at the Orpheum Theatre. That is correct I am talking about Orpheum Star Search. We have star students competing from Ole Miss, The University of Tennessee, The University of Alabama and The University of Memphis will join as well. These students along with performers from local high schools will compete among each other to hold the title of Winner of the 2009 Orpheum Star Search.

This competition is dare I say better than your weekly SEC football battles because it only happens once a year not every week, the students are truly talented, and this year you, the audience, will get to vote for the People's Choice Award. I mean you do not get to vote which Football team wins each week. So be sure to come on out and vote because you do not want to let your school down. Come on out UT graduates, for you do not want Alabama beating you. Ole Miss, do not let UT cream you because the people did not vote for your talented schoolmate.

Here are the contestants for this year's show:
Daniel Ashmore (Ole Miss)
Suzanne Chapman (Harding Acad)
Alex Goldman (Lamar HS)
Henry Lui (Madison Academic Magnet HS)
James Curtis Mays (Bartlett HS)
Melodie Moore (GCS)
Rakeem Sprinkle (Bolton)
Melanie Stanek (UofM)
Kristian Alexius Thomas (UofM)
Amanda Tittle (UT)
Ashley Wieronski (U. of Alabama)

So be sure to come on out and support your school and favorite performer. The talent is sure to impress you. Check out the contestants by clicking the link below. Orpheum Star Search is next Friday, October 17 at 8:00PM. Tickets are on sale now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh What a Night or Day...

It has finally arrived! This Friday Jersey Boys will go on sale to the public. Oh what exciting times. On sale events are always loads of fun and include give-a-ways, food, and fun with local radio stations like WRVR and KIM FM.

The On Sale Events begin at 8:00AM this Friday at both the Orpheum and David Kidd Bookseller.

Below is an interview from on of the actresses in Jersey Boys!

Though her roots are technically Philadelphian, all those summers spent at the Jersey Shore while growing up helped Alayna Gallo get in character for the role of Lorraine in Jersey Boys. While strutting her stuff on stage in Chicago, Gallo can be found post-show sipping a glass of rose at the Wit or chowing down on boneless chicken wings at Bull & Bear. Dying to approach this starlet but can’t find an opening line? Ask her about her past gigs singing at events/weddings for Donald Trump, Clive Davis and Jerry Jones. Or just get her talking about her favorite guilty pleasure: MTV’s “The Hills.” It works every time.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?
Lake Michigan!! A long run or walk along the beach rocks my world.

What songs do you like to listen to while getting ready for a show?
Haha...Love this one! Honestly, Jason Mraz, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Neo, Black-Eyed Peas. Love, "Livin for the City," "Closer" and "I'm Yours."

Favorite scene in JB?
Ooooh...tough one!! There are too many. All of the scenes are brilliantly written along with having a gifted cast....hmm...too hard

The best part of my day is…
Is when my cat Orchard wakes me up in the morning. Even when it's too early, he's too cute to get mad at.

How do you stay in shape?
Harmony Yoga is my favorite! Hot Vinyasa rocks my world. When you're doing 8 shows a week, although it's its own workout, muscle memory kicks in. To stay in shape (physically and mentally) I do yoga at least 4-5 times a week. I also try to run 2x a week along the lake.

3 things you never leave home without…
keys, money, gloss!

Best vacation spot…
Vegas Baby!

Secret guilty pleasure…
Well now if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret! Lol...Fine, I'll let you in on one... "The Hills" on MTV. Not sure I'll watch it now that LC is gone. Ssssshhhhh!!

Hope to see you all at the On Sale on Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girl's Night & Everything Else

It has been a busy week here at the Orpheum! We have our first show of the season, A Chorus Line opening, a Golf Tournament this Friday, lots of meetings =), and our first ever Girl's Night Out. Ah, the summer relaxation is gone--if it was even ever here.

But do not worry as we are trying to ensure that even with the busy-ness of the summer ending you are still having fun! Tonight at the Orpheum is Girl's Night Out. We will have drink specials, and representatives from KIM FM, Gould's Day Spa, MUSE Inspired Fashion and more!

So gals, grab your pals and come on out. Learn some fashion tips for the fall, and how to keep those summer glows all winter long!

We also have our Golf Tournament tomorrow, which I and the Orpheum staff will be at bright and early, rain or shine! The Tournament is at the most loveliest Golf Course, Cottonwoods at Harrah's. The tournament is really fun and there a lot of prizes to win and food to be eaten. Plus as a bonus you are at a casino so if it does rain there are many other fun things to do! Pictures will be taken and posted!

Well that is all for now. Does anyone have any thoughts on A Chorus Line if you have seen it? And what else is everyone doing this weekend?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cooper Young Festival

Fall is upon us which means Cooper Young Festival is this weekend!! Last year was my first time going and I had loads of fun. I ate delicious food (thank you Soul Fish Cafe), listened to wonderful music, and just walked around to all the great booths.

This year The Orpheum will be out there amongst all of the great booth selections! We are pairing up with Intercom Radio so be sure to stop by. Staff members are working the table and we do love it when we get to talk to people (I will be there from 1-3PM). At the table we will be giving away fans to cool yourself off with in the hot and currently muggy weather. We will also have Brew n Q tickets for sale! No need to go out of your way to buy your ticket to this event we will bring them to you!

Here is a link to everything the Cooper Young Fest is offering!

Make sure you stop by. The festival is a great way to spend your Saturday--outside, with fun people, good food and great things to buy or just browse through.
And, if you are going to the Festival what booths and bands should people stop by to see?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Orignial Reality Show

In today's TV world reality television is almost all anyone cares to watch. From American Idol to Dancing with the Stars reality TV is so 'in' right now! So what is it that spurred this love for Reality Television? What is the first reality show that made people think, "Hey, I love me some reality television!"? Was it Real World, Survivor, Big Brother...I will argue that the first real reality show was "A Chorus Line". I know, I know it is not Television but it is a show and it IS REALITY!

'A Chorus Line' was created in New York when a director Michael Bennett gathered a group of Broadway dancers to talk about their careers, challenges, memories, dreams, and lives. He recorded over 40 hours of interviews before it became the script of A Chorus Line. Do these interviews sound vaguely familiar to current reality TV? I think so.

All of the songs that were created for 'A Chorus Line' refer to real life situations that Broadway dancers lived. While watching 'A Chorus Line' one can better understand what it takes to be a Broadway Dancer, the sweat, the tears, the boob jobs and the anxiety of trying to get the job so you can pay the rent!

Take these lyrics for example:

"I've come so far, but even so
It could be yes, it could be no"

How many times have we watched AI and your fave person was kicked off in what you felt was too soon. We feel their rejection pain with them. Well the same is true during 'A Chorus Line.' People finding themselves cheering on the actors on stage.

Or these lyrics:

"Left the theatre and
Called the doctor for my appointment to buy...
Bought myself a fancy pair.
Tightened up the derriere."

I mean who does not love Plastic Surgery Shows like Dr. 90210. Not that you need plastic surgery by any means to be a Broadway dancer but in the interviews there were some dancers who felt this had to be done in order to become famous.

So basically what I am saying is that we can all thank 'A Chorus Line' for giving the Television Creators the idea of using real people and real life situations to make good TV.

Do not forget to see the Reality of being a Broadway Dancer at The Orpheum from September 22-27. 525-7800.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It is a Block Party, Downtown!

So they say breathing in the fresh outside air is suppose to make you a happier/healthier person. What about breathing in the fresh air with drink specials, food specials, great company, and discounts on things you want? Sounds perfect to me. I already feel happier and healthier just thinking about it.

This Thursday, September 17th, the Majestic is hosting another Peabody Block Party. If you have not been to one yet well that is no good because they are great. Fortunately for you there is another one that starts at 5:30 PM and you can see the festivities right outside of the Majestic. Below are some photos from past Block Parties.

One discount that I am personally excited about is what The Orpheum is offering. The lovely Kate Hackett (blond pictured above) will be outside the Majestic selling Brews n Q tickets at a discounted price of only $20 plus all ticket buyers get the amazing poster pictured below (designed by David Lynch)!

For those who are not sure as to why this discounted $20 ticket is such a steal I will let you know. A $20 ticket to this event gets you entrance into the Warehouse on Oct. 9th where you will get to chow down on all you can eat Corky's, where you will get all you can drink Boscos beer all while listening to great music by the Ernestine and Hazel's band as well as John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives! Last year's event was so much fun and I got to mingle and mix with so many wonderful people! Here are some pictures from last year's event.

Here is a link to learn more about the Block Party and what else is being offered!

And here is another link to give you more information about the Brews n Q event!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Football Season

So Football Season has started again to the excitement of so very many people! This means many things such as tailgating, completely foregoing each and every Saturday of Fall, adding new clothes to your wardrobe--all the color of your--favorite team, and investing in great yet removable face paint.

It also means the Southern Heritage Classic is back in town!

The Classic starts today and goes until September 13th, Sunday. This is a time when the city is out and about, people are attending every event and the roads are fairly congested. Since so many people will obviously be focusing on the Football Game, I am going to focus on some of the other surrounding events that The Orpheum is hosting. You know for the people that want other things to do...

Today, September 9th is the Classic Gospel Concert and it starts at 7:30PM. Now who does not like Gospel Music. It always has so much energy. So if you want to enhance your Hump Day stop on by the Orpheum tonight.

Tomorrow on Thursday, September 10th we have Erykah Badu. I know everyone is excited to see some amazing R&B! The concert starts at 8 PM.

The third event that will be taking place at the Orpheum is on Friday, September 11th. The Browns of Comedy will be on the main stage helping everyone laugh and as always just being hilarious. This show starts at 8 PM.

Now there are a lot of other events that are going to be going on this week/end. So let me know what they are and what you will be attending...

Also here is the link to the Classic's homepage for a listing of all the events and happenings.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And the winner is...

If you have been keeping up with The Orpheum at all you know that this past Friday we had Rocky Horror Picture Show. Needless to say this movie was everything I had hoped for. People came to the movie ready for a good time and dressed to win the Annual Costume Contest. The costumes were amazing and made me laugh so terribly hard.

First we had the girl's contest and there were so many women that came up they could barely fit on stage.... Check out our wonderful Emcee in all black and of course the variety of costumes. Note this is not even half of the people on stage.

Well after glorious rounds of the crowd cheering we were able to narrow it down to the top 5. I think the crowd did a good job of picking one of almost every cast character...

Well can you all guess who won? Yup, the young little twelve year old who came out with her parents! She received by far the most cheers as well as people bowing down to her. You gotta love the RHPS crowd!

Do not worry we are not done with the costumes. Next we had the male contest. Now some males did not dress up as characters but they looked just as good and had just as much fun!

So as with the girls, we narrowed the males down to the top five and here they are...

The one boy dressed in all black--second from the left--we called him Beyonce. He was not dressed up like a character but he kept dancing for the audience similar to how Beyonce dances. He was pretty good....BUT, he did not win it. The winner of the Male Contest was....

For more photos of Rocky Horror Picture Show you can stop by our facebook page at

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's the weekend PLUS Labor Day

So it is the weekend again and a wonderfully long weekend! Many of us are going out of town to see friends and grab that one last trip to the beach before the summer is officially over. But what to do if your friends live here and the sun burn from your last beach visit is still scarring your skin? Well no worries because--per usual--Memphis has tons to do!

First I will rant and rave about what the Orpheum has to offer tonight----that is right, it's Rocky Horror Picture Show! Now this is a movie that you do not want to miss. At only $6 you really could not ask for a more entertaining evening. With humor and craziness and props galore this is a great show. The Annual Costume Contest starts at 8 PM tonight and yes people do dress like this so get funny:

Next we have CICADA, which is a new play by Voices of the South. I have heard many a good thing about Voices of the South and I am sure this one is no different. Now this is the last weekend that this show runs so do stop by and catch the show.

This glorious Labor Day weekend is also to be filled by the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival. Now I went last year and got $5 mojitos from Majestic Grille while listening to truly great music and an atmosphere that made me love Memphis even more. So basically you are enjoying yourself while supporting the Center for Southern Folklore a great organization that reminds everyone that Memphis' music is the best. The festival runs from 11AM to 11Pm on both the 5th and the 6th so make sure to go, get a poster and enjoy yourself.

Now I know there are many other great things to be done this weekend that I did not include. Do comment and let me know what else is going on in Memphis, on the corner of Main and Beale and beyond...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Quintern the Intern's Last Day

Well, today is my last day at work. Although I believe I will be back over Christmas, it won't be as exciting as this summer has been. When I arrived back here this summer, I knew things would be better and they were. I have a better desk, and I was working better hours. I was beyond excited that Wicked was coming and couldn't wait to help out education during their Summer Institute camp.

I'll start with that. The Orpheum Summer Institute was a wonderful time. The way our Education put it together and allowed all the teenagers to meet the Wicked cast as well as do other awesome workshops was so much fun to watch. I made new friends and will hopefully be working on it again next summer, who knows?

A few weeks before that I did the Burger challenge. Does everyone remember that? Torture. Oh the things I do as an intern. It was fun but two days after that I got mono and was out of the office for almost two weeks. Was it the burger? I don't think so, it just so happens that the person who worked at my desk before I arrived had mono so I must have gotten it from using the same phone and keyboard as her. Not from eating a burger.

So Wicked arrived here at The Orpheum and I was beyond excited. I saw it three times, too much? Never. I went twice with the Summer Institute and once actually by myself. It was wonderful and I am sad I will not be in Memphis when it comes back next time. But I could not have learned more about handling a show and what it takes to run a large three week production.

As the summer went on I began to host more and more summer movies, it was great. I do think people enjoyed listening to me pretty much make a fool of myself. I had people notice me outside the theatre and say: "Hey aren't you the intern at The Orpheum" or my favorite one was: "Hey it's Quintern the Intern." I have one more curtain speech to go and then I am done. Hopefully to return next summer to do the same thing. The Orpheum Summer Movies are definitely one of the best things about working as a Summer Intern. You get to see the great classics on the big screen with an always entertaining crowd.

I am very thankful to have such a wonderful job at such a wonderful place. While this has been my only real job I have ever had, I know it will help me out in future positions I would like to apply to. Thanks Orpheum Theatre and the wonderful staff that works here for all the fun, knowledge and memories you have now bestowed on me.

Until next time,

Quintern the Intern

Friday, August 7, 2009

Memphis: The Musical

Memphis: The Musical is set to come to Broadway this fall! Don't miss your chance to see this high energy new musical. What is so exciting about this musical is that The Orpheum Theatre is actually an investor in the show as well as the CEO/President Pat Halloran. Interested? You should be. Last week the two leads (Chad Kimball and Montego Glover) as well as the writer of the music (David Bryan, who was in the band Bon Jovi) came to The Orpheum.

While David played the piano the two unique singers blew the house away with their voices. Chad's high range gave goose bumps to the audience members, while Montego left them in tears. I personally became an even bigger fan of the show after seeing them live. They came to The Orpheum Theatre to try and find more investors for the show, although it is opening on Broadway the show is still lacking $250,000.

This musical has been in the planning stage for almost three years, but has done really well in Seattle as well as California. Many say it is the biggest hit since they can last remember. Here is a backstage look at the taking of the photos for the posters!!

If you would like more information about the musical or even where to buy tickets, visit:


Quintern the Intern

p.s. I have a blog as well!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Restaurant on S. Main

To everyones excitement a new restaurant, 'South Of Beale', is finally open! The owners--Ed Cabigao and Brittany Whisenant--have been working hard for some months now to get their restaurant ready to go. They have helped to prove the power of Twitter as they constantly blog about every detail of getting ready for the big opening day causing a buzz across Memphis.

I am personally excited about its gastro pub feel and its great selection of beers. Having been there twice now I can tell you that liquor/beer/wine selection wall is amazing and basically reaches from the floor to the ceiling (well almost). The atmosphere is cool and laid back as people gather around the bar just hanging out and drinking and dining on some really delicious food options.

I recommend this restaurant to everyone! It is open late and is a great way to gather with friends and have an easy going but fun night.

Check them out on Twitter @southofbeale or check out their website a

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beale St. Flippers

In case you missed the Beale St. Flippers on America's Got Talent on Wednesday night, check it out! These guys are amazing. It makes one proud to be a Memphian.


The Beale Street Flippers from Memphis impressed the judges last night on America’s Got Talent as they flipped and danced to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. Needless to say, the Beale Street Flippers are advancing to the next round of competition in Las Vegas. You can watch America’s Got Talent in Memphis on the NBC affiliate WMC-TV.

The Beale Street Flippers have been performing in Memphis for years, entertaining Beale Street patrons. According to Resource Entertainment Group, “They don’t sing or play an instrument, but they are the most popular act on Memphis’ legendary music mecca, Beale Street. While music blares from the clubs all around them, the Beale Street Flippers astonish the crowds with feats of acrobatic prowess that are, honestly, unbelievable.”

Monday, July 20, 2009

Honda Fit for $100

The Orpheum is once again raffling an automobile for the Arts. In past years, the car has been a MINI Cooper, but this year the Theatre will raffle off a new 2009 Honda Fit. The Fit gets roughly 28mpg city and 35mpg highway. MSRP for the Honda Fit is $16,260. This raffle for the Arts is made possible by Wolfchase Honda.

For more information on the Honda Fit, visit 2009 Fit

Tickets are on-sale NOW. They are $100 each, and there will only be 1200 sold. Proceeds benefit The Orpheum's Education and Preservation programs. The drawing will be held November 14, 2009 at the 31st Annual Orpheum Auction.

But let's say you don't win the grand prize. There are great runner-up prizes as well.

Second prize: Orpheum Broadway Season Tickets
- Two Suite tickets and a parking pass to Cirque Dreams Holidaze, The Wizard of Oz, Jersey Boys, South Pacific and Chicago.

Third prize: An Evening with the Jersey Boys
- You and three guests will be swept away by a limo to enjoy a pre-theatre dinner, a suite for a performance of Jersey Boys and an invitation to the cast party (subject to availability)

Fourth prize: An Evening in Oz
- You and three guests will enjoy an imaginative evening in a suite for a performance of The Wizard of Oz and an invitation to the cast party (subject to availability)

Fifth prize (6): "Movie Madness" party for 20
- Twenty tickets to the 2010 Orpheum Movie Series, popcorn and soft drinks for you and your guests, your name in lights on the Orpheum Marquee over Main Street

Purchase tickets here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orpheum Art Auction this Thursday the 16th

View this year's Art by going to the online preview. Art Auction kicks off tomorrow at the Theatre at 5pm with the silent auction. Admission is free, and there will be hors' d'oeuvres from Itta Bena, Majestic Grille, Circa, and Automatic Slims. There will also be happy hour drink prices. The live auction gets underway at 7pm.

Some of the featured artists include:
Betsy Bird
Mike Maness
Rollin Kocsis
Martin LaBorde
David Lynch
Betsy Brackin

And from 5:45 to 7pm, there will also be live music from violinist and fiddler Donna Wolf

Monday, June 29, 2009

Commercial Appeal Review of WICKED

Magic of 'Wicked' is not to be missed
By Jon W. Sparks

Friday, June 26, 2009

"Wicked" is an astonishing triumph, certainly one of the best productions ever to work its magic on the Orpheum stage.

The story of Oz before the disruptive arrival of Dorothy and Toto (mere pawns in a conspiracy!) brilliantly plays off our childhood love of the enduring "Wizard of Oz" film.

You immersed yourself in the cinematic adventures in and around the Emerald City; likewise, you will soak up the stage musical that is deliciously cinematic in its own way.

The clever tale shaped by composer Stephen Schwartz (and a winner of three Tony Awards) begins after Dorothy's fateful visit. Glinda the Good explains how Elphaba Thropp -- better known as the Wicked Witch of the West -- came to have such a poor reputation and met her liquid end.

The sheer energy of the show starts at the get-go, with Glinda descending among bubbles. Heléne Yorke is the frothy sorceress, a blend of Britney and "Clueless" who has a gorgeous voice and terrific comic timing.

As the eternally popular one at school, she becomes roomies with Elphaba, who is green skinned, studious and gifted with magical abilities, and who repulses all who see her, even Munchkins. Marcie Dodd pulls off this role with an exquisite voice and compelling presence. You will not soon forget her ascension in "Defying Gravity" at the end of the first act, rising on the stage and stunningly lit.

That lighting effect is merely one example of the brilliant design of the production that is meticulously arranged to not only wow the audience, but also lure us further into the story.

The sets are storybook Victorian expressions of a culture not so foreign to us. The lighting transports us, whether to places of darkness or to the Emerald City. Costumes look like they came from a Bizarro Christmas Carol, vivid and melding into the choreography. The busyness on stage is enhanced by a fascination with wheeled vehicles that frequently appear.

Everywhere you look or listen, there are more delights. Note the nods throughout to Harry Potter, "Beauty and the Beast," "Evita," "High School Musical" and "Chicago," which just add to the fun.

Orpheum president Pat Halloran announced before the show that 55,000 tickets had been sold out of 57,000 available.

You'll be disappointed if you miss the magic.

Theater Review


The show continues through July 12 at the Orpheum, 203 S. Main. Shows are 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturdays and 1:30 and 7 p.m. Sundays. Tickets are $38-$138. Call 525-3000.

A day-of-performance lottery for a limited number of orchestra seats will be held daily, about 21/2 hours prior to show for people present at the box office. Names will be drawn for a limited number of orchestra seats at $25 each, cash only, with a limit of two tickets per person.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Calling Memphis Artists

The 15th Annual Orpheum Summer Art Auction is Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 5pm.

This event benefits local artists and art in our schools. What could be better?

This year's Art Auction will feature a Live and Silent Auction. 75% of the selling price goes to the artist and 25% benefits the Orpheum's Education and Community programs department.

And the best part -- The artist sets the minimum on their piece.

If you are interested contact Kate Hackett at for more info and an art submission contract.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best Pizza in Town? ~ Red Rooster?, Classic John Belushi

Who has the Best Pizza in town? Any glaring omissions here?
Yes, it is a personal preference, but who would you say? I'm a fan of the BBQ pizza which is partly why I've selected Boscos #1. Here are my rankings:

1. Boscos -- Germantown Purist(pictured above). I could easily eat two everytime.
2. Movie & Pizza Co.; Very fresh- generous with chicken
3. Camy's -- love all the combinations you can make and the veggie selections
4. Memphis Pizza Cafe- BBQ chicken
5. Carrabba's-- I know it's a chain but the Margherita Pizza is delicious.

I know some people really like Coletta's, Garibaldi's, ExLines, and Fox Ridge Pizza. Maybe I need to go back to re-evaluate those places. Victoria also puts in a vote for Old Venice.

Also, still have to try Johnny Brusco's, Fire N Stone Pizzeria,... and

RED ROOSTER! I'm going to walk over after Animal House and get the $12 pizza/pitcher special with my ticket stub from Animal House.
I'm trying to decide between The Delta King(BBQ piled high with pork, cheese, and signature sauce) or The Male Hale (chunks of ham, bacon, and pineapple piled high with tomatoes). Looking forward to trying it out. Maybe I'll sample both. Please feel free to pass along any other suggestions.

Just a preview of the awesomeness that will take place at the Orpheum this Friday.