Monday, April 20, 2009

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

The Orpheum has gone green, and it's not just in anticipation of Wicked coming in June.
Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day.
While specific ideas and party platforms on environmental policy may differ, there are many small steps that individuals can take to help preserve nature's wonders for future generations. Caring about the environment is no longer the domain of hippies, the young, or "progressives". Red or blue, it's for you.

Here are a few easy things:
-Recycling; paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, tin
-Turning off lights when leaving room
-Unplugging appliances that draw phantom power
-Water-efficient showerheads
-Fluorescent lightbulbs
-Reusable shopping bags
None of these things will make your life any harder, but they do lessen your share of the ecological footprint left by the Earth's 6 billion people

You might say, "What can a Theatre do to help the environment?"
Well, lots really!

Our humble Orpheum recycling center

In the past eight months, The Orpheum's staff of roughly 25 people has recycled 2,145 lbs of paper. In the past 6 months, approximately 39 pounds of aluminum cans (1,170 cans have been saved from landfills).
Impact on the environment of the over one ton of recycled paper?

18 trees
7,500 gallons of water
505 gallons of oil
645 pounds of air pollution
3.5 cubic yards of landfill space
4,477 Kilowatt hours of energy

The aluminum cans have been donated to the Humane Society. Approximately 78 pounds of food have been generated for the animals through their aluminum can collection program.

Last year, the Theatre had energy efficient windows installed over its original windows in order to help conserve energy. In addition, the Orpheum has installed fluoresent spiral lightbulbs in its administrative offices to cut its energy expenditures

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