Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tomorrow is THE Day

Wicked Tickets go on-sale tomorrow the 17th at 8am. This is kind of a big deal! The buzz around this show is incredible, and these tickets will move quickly.
Some, including the New York Times have called Wicked the biggest blockbuster in Broadway history. If you look at the current grosses from Broadway, the two national tours, and the sit-down engagement in San Francisco, it's hard to dispute that supposition. In five years, they've made over 1.35 billion dollars. Over 17 million people have seen the show worldwide and both numbers only continue to grow.

This show transcends what you typically think of in a musical and appeals to a broad group of people. It has become a cultural phenomenon, and Memphis has not witnessed this level of excitement and anticipaction about the Arts since The Phantom of the Opera debuted at the Orpheum in November 1997.

Don't miss out... it's here June 24-July 12

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