Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Day on The Corner

Wicked tickets went on sale this morning, and there was a tremendous turnout at the Orpheum Box Office and Daivs-Kidd booksellers. Hundreds of folks gathered at Main and Beale, and an even bigger group showed up at DK. The line wrapped around the building downtown, with one hardcore fan opting for a an arrival in the wee hours of the morning. That's right. 2:30 am in Downtown Memphis. It's the safest precinct in the city, but still... that's the kind of dedication this show has spawned. The show sold over a quarter of a million dollars in the first hour of online sale.

I miss the ticket camp out concept. I never got to do it, as the Internet became the primary means for ticket buying before I exited those painful pre-pubescent years. Camping out was not an option in those days, nor did I appreciate hearing live music at that age. I remember when Zack, Albert Clifford (AC) Slater, and Screech camped out at the mall for those U2 tickets. Zack's intent was to scalp those tickets. -- more on scalpers, their deceptive practices, and how to avoid getting ripped off in a future post---- Good thing Screech screwed it up. Oh, Screech.

I'd camp out to see most U.S. Presidents speak, Led Zeppelin, Cream, or to see Memphis play in the Final Four. That's about it. Maybe for Wicked after I see it this summer. If you didn't get tickets today, look into it -- could end up being one of your favorites...

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