Friday, May 29, 2009

Celebs at the Orpheum

Our own Orpheum RSVP edition:

Pat Neely, Liza Coombs, Laurie Holt, and Gina Neely @ India.Arie Concert 5/24/09

The Orpheum's own Rapheal Hamilton, and Justin Timberlake, oh wait, I mean Robin Thicke

You never know who's going to show up at the office. Patron and Partner Services Manager Kate Hackett, and former Notre Dame basketball coach and current ESPN analyst Digger Phelps. It's like we work in Bristol,CT! Digger is fan of opera and the performing arts. He planned to star in "Love Letters" with the Orpheum as a producer until his basketball obligations limited the project.

Box Office Manager Glenda Young and Chris Tucker. Chris was in town to see Maxwell at The Orpheum.

Raph, again! Backstage with Academy award winner Jennifer Hudson after the show on 5/11.

W.W. Herenton was seen at the Hudson/Thicke show, but we have no photographic evidence.

Also, randomly, former NBA all-star and current LA Clippers guard Baron Davis was on the guest list for the North Mississippi All-Stars show on New Year's Eve 2008, but never showed.

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