Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Orpheum welcomes elementary students

April 28 marked the second bi-annual Memphis City Schools Exhibition of Student Work. At schools across the city, students exhibited projects that represented months of preparation and hard work.

At Fox Meadows Elementary, Mrs. Daphne Crenshaw’s first graders decided to make their project all about The Orpheum Theatre. They read and learned about the theatre and, during their spring break, five student representatives came to visit the theatre in person to learn more about the people who work here and the jobs that we do.

Each student came prepared to interview a staff member with a list of questions that would help them learn more about our jobs. They interviewed our Graphic Design Coordinator, Vice President of Administration, Technical Director, Group Sales Manager, and Director of Box Office Operations and they got to see firsthand how many different jobs go into running a theatre.

After their interviews, the students got to go on a tour of the theatre. Everyone was very impressed to see how the crew is able to set up entire sets and lighting designs in just hours. Our sound technician entertained everyone with a story about Mary, The Orpheum’s good ghost, and the students finished their tour with a look inside the box office.

For their Exhibition project, Mrs. Crenshaw’s students re-created The Orpheum outside of their classroom, making a replica of the Orpheum sign and marquee as well as the stars on our “walk of fame”. They learned a lot about the history of the building and the thousands of performers that have graced the stage, and they look forward to visiting the theatre again and again!

----Shelby Patterson
Manager of Education and Community Programs, The Orpheum Theatre

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