Friday, May 29, 2009

Swiss Family Robinson, ARTreach, Disney Trivia, Bounce n Fun Event Rentals, '10 movie suggestions

Last night, The Orpheum Summer Movie Series featured the Disney classic Swiss Family Robinson. There was a great turnout for this special family movie night. The price was right- a $1 donation to the Theatre's ARTreach program. ARTreach is a new initiative that supports the Theatre's 17 education programs that impact thousands of Mid-South families.
There were lots of families with little ones who were probably seeing this tale of adventure for the first time. I snapped a photo of a family of four-- with an itty bitty little guy-- who donned straw hats for the occassion. I only had my phone so it unfortunately turned out too dark.
Surprisingly, there were many young 20 something couples at this movie. It's always fun reliving something you loved in your childhood, and I'm sure they enjoyed the nostalgia. I remember seeing it when I was in single digits and, of course, adamantly requesting an elaborate tree house afterward.

Before the show started, there was a Disney family trivia contest on stage. Brave Disney enthusiasts put their name in a hat and three lucky participants were selected from stage. Holli Kenney, The Orpheum's Director Of Development, played host for the contest.
Team 1 buzzing in with the correct answer to the question, "What Disney movie featured the villain Ursula?"

Team 1 had the most correct answers and won a 16ft inflatable water slide from Bounce n Fun Event rentals. But, at The Orpheum, everyone is a winner!
Second place earned a commemorative mug and four summer movies passes. Third place received four summer movie passes.

What should be next year's $1 Family Movie Night???


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