Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Best Pizza in Town? ~ Red Rooster?, Classic John Belushi

Who has the Best Pizza in town? Any glaring omissions here?
Yes, it is a personal preference, but who would you say? I'm a fan of the BBQ pizza which is partly why I've selected Boscos #1. Here are my rankings:

1. Boscos -- Germantown Purist(pictured above). I could easily eat two everytime.
2. Movie & Pizza Co.; Very fresh- generous with chicken
3. Camy's -- love all the combinations you can make and the veggie selections
4. Memphis Pizza Cafe- BBQ chicken
5. Carrabba's-- I know it's a chain but the Margherita Pizza is delicious.

I know some people really like Coletta's, Garibaldi's, ExLines, and Fox Ridge Pizza. Maybe I need to go back to re-evaluate those places. Victoria also puts in a vote for Old Venice.

Also, still have to try Johnny Brusco's, Fire N Stone Pizzeria,... and

RED ROOSTER! I'm going to walk over after Animal House and get the $12 pizza/pitcher special with my ticket stub from Animal House.
I'm trying to decide between The Delta King(BBQ piled high with pork, cheese, and signature sauce) or The Male Hale (chunks of ham, bacon, and pineapple piled high with tomatoes). Looking forward to trying it out. Maybe I'll sample both. Please feel free to pass along any other suggestions.

Just a preview of the awesomeness that will take place at the Orpheum this Friday.

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