Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say "Hi Bob" at the Children's Museum and see him on WREG's Live at 9

And you can play "Hi Bob" tomorrow night at the Orpheum as long as the spouse has the keys...

Bob the Builder will appear Friday, June 5 at the Children's Museum from 11-1. The Children's Museum folks have fun activities planned along with giveaways and drawings. He is looking forward to the interactions with the children as most of his time his spent with talking inanimate objects.

In the morning before he meets with kids at the Museum, Bob will be at Peabody Place to see how the work is coming along converting the place into suites. Of course, the project has stalled due to economic conditions, but Bob will meet with his friend Joe the Plumber and analyze the worksmanship to this point.
If you tune in to Live at 9 on WREG Ch.3, you might see a glimpse of the man himself.

Then at night, he returns to the stage for Bob the Builder LIVE! at the Orpheum at 6pm.

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