Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This week's Movie Rundown, Cosmos, South Main Fashion Show, Perfect Father's Day Gift ~Shelton Clothiers

Tomorrow, Thursday the 11th, the Movie Series is back with the first Chick Flick of the summer.
SEX AND THE CITY at 7:15pm
-Lovely ladies will be modeling clothes from Runway Boutique and Muse Inspired Fashion.
-Guys will wear the hottest offerings from Shelton Clothiers.
-Itta Bena/B.B. King's in the lobby with special offers before the show
The short played before this movie is a Betty Boop cartoon from the 1930s.

And, on Friday, JAWS at 7:15pm.
Patrons are invited to bring in their best vacation photo. All those who bring one in will be entered in a drawing for a one night stay in the King Suite at the Downtown Hampton Inn.
Shark Attack Drinks-- Virgin and Alcoholic- Featuring a plastic shark with grenadine to squeeze in to add a touch of sweetness to your drink.
The short played before this movie will be the Lone Ranger.

If you can't make it to the movie, check out this recap JAWS in 30 seconds with bunnies

I went into Shelton Clothiers yesterday and was very impressed. It has to be one of the best clothing stores in Memphis. I walked in and Steve came over and asked to help me. I was looking at sportcoats. Here's the thing-- I'm not a standard size or easy to fit per se. In less than a minute without taking any measurements or asking any size-related questions, I was in a sportcoat that fit perfectly in the shoulders and chest and at the sleeves. I'd never met this guy before! In my experience, you usually have to try on at least three before they get it right.

They have really nice sport shirts and sportcoats-- very sharp looking and not unreasonably priced for men's fashion. I liked the uniqueness and versatility of the shirts the best. They are dressy, but they could also be casual. They have a look that you can't pinpoint to any one store. I can always tell when someone is wearing something from Men's Wearhouse. I shop there myself but have grown tired of the sameness of the clothes. Grab a gift certificate for Dad!

And, for those who have just graduated college or high school, treat yourself to a nice, expensive dark colored suit. It can be used for weddings, funerals,interviews and a host of other events. You owe it to yourself. These suits fit better and therefore look better! Maybe in the 40s and 50s you could buy a nice suit for $99, but not today.

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