Friday, August 21, 2009

Quintern the Intern's Last Day

Well, today is my last day at work. Although I believe I will be back over Christmas, it won't be as exciting as this summer has been. When I arrived back here this summer, I knew things would be better and they were. I have a better desk, and I was working better hours. I was beyond excited that Wicked was coming and couldn't wait to help out education during their Summer Institute camp.

I'll start with that. The Orpheum Summer Institute was a wonderful time. The way our Education put it together and allowed all the teenagers to meet the Wicked cast as well as do other awesome workshops was so much fun to watch. I made new friends and will hopefully be working on it again next summer, who knows?

A few weeks before that I did the Burger challenge. Does everyone remember that? Torture. Oh the things I do as an intern. It was fun but two days after that I got mono and was out of the office for almost two weeks. Was it the burger? I don't think so, it just so happens that the person who worked at my desk before I arrived had mono so I must have gotten it from using the same phone and keyboard as her. Not from eating a burger.

So Wicked arrived here at The Orpheum and I was beyond excited. I saw it three times, too much? Never. I went twice with the Summer Institute and once actually by myself. It was wonderful and I am sad I will not be in Memphis when it comes back next time. But I could not have learned more about handling a show and what it takes to run a large three week production.

As the summer went on I began to host more and more summer movies, it was great. I do think people enjoyed listening to me pretty much make a fool of myself. I had people notice me outside the theatre and say: "Hey aren't you the intern at The Orpheum" or my favorite one was: "Hey it's Quintern the Intern." I have one more curtain speech to go and then I am done. Hopefully to return next summer to do the same thing. The Orpheum Summer Movies are definitely one of the best things about working as a Summer Intern. You get to see the great classics on the big screen with an always entertaining crowd.

I am very thankful to have such a wonderful job at such a wonderful place. While this has been my only real job I have ever had, I know it will help me out in future positions I would like to apply to. Thanks Orpheum Theatre and the wonderful staff that works here for all the fun, knowledge and memories you have now bestowed on me.

Until next time,

Quintern the Intern

Friday, August 7, 2009

Memphis: The Musical

Memphis: The Musical is set to come to Broadway this fall! Don't miss your chance to see this high energy new musical. What is so exciting about this musical is that The Orpheum Theatre is actually an investor in the show as well as the CEO/President Pat Halloran. Interested? You should be. Last week the two leads (Chad Kimball and Montego Glover) as well as the writer of the music (David Bryan, who was in the band Bon Jovi) came to The Orpheum.

While David played the piano the two unique singers blew the house away with their voices. Chad's high range gave goose bumps to the audience members, while Montego left them in tears. I personally became an even bigger fan of the show after seeing them live. They came to The Orpheum Theatre to try and find more investors for the show, although it is opening on Broadway the show is still lacking $250,000.

This musical has been in the planning stage for almost three years, but has done really well in Seattle as well as California. Many say it is the biggest hit since they can last remember. Here is a backstage look at the taking of the photos for the posters!!

If you would like more information about the musical or even where to buy tickets, visit:


Quintern the Intern

p.s. I have a blog as well!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Restaurant on S. Main

To everyones excitement a new restaurant, 'South Of Beale', is finally open! The owners--Ed Cabigao and Brittany Whisenant--have been working hard for some months now to get their restaurant ready to go. They have helped to prove the power of Twitter as they constantly blog about every detail of getting ready for the big opening day causing a buzz across Memphis.

I am personally excited about its gastro pub feel and its great selection of beers. Having been there twice now I can tell you that liquor/beer/wine selection wall is amazing and basically reaches from the floor to the ceiling (well almost). The atmosphere is cool and laid back as people gather around the bar just hanging out and drinking and dining on some really delicious food options.

I recommend this restaurant to everyone! It is open late and is a great way to gather with friends and have an easy going but fun night.

Check them out on Twitter @southofbeale or check out their website a