Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Restaurant on S. Main

To everyones excitement a new restaurant, 'South Of Beale', is finally open! The owners--Ed Cabigao and Brittany Whisenant--have been working hard for some months now to get their restaurant ready to go. They have helped to prove the power of Twitter as they constantly blog about every detail of getting ready for the big opening day causing a buzz across Memphis.

I am personally excited about its gastro pub feel and its great selection of beers. Having been there twice now I can tell you that liquor/beer/wine selection wall is amazing and basically reaches from the floor to the ceiling (well almost). The atmosphere is cool and laid back as people gather around the bar just hanging out and drinking and dining on some really delicious food options.

I recommend this restaurant to everyone! It is open late and is a great way to gather with friends and have an easy going but fun night.

Check them out on Twitter @southofbeale or check out their website a http://www.blogger.com/www.southofbeale.com

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