Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Football Season

So Football Season has started again to the excitement of so very many people! This means many things such as tailgating, completely foregoing each and every Saturday of Fall, adding new clothes to your wardrobe--all the color of your--favorite team, and investing in great yet removable face paint.

It also means the Southern Heritage Classic is back in town!

The Classic starts today and goes until September 13th, Sunday. This is a time when the city is out and about, people are attending every event and the roads are fairly congested. Since so many people will obviously be focusing on the Football Game, I am going to focus on some of the other surrounding events that The Orpheum is hosting. You know for the people that want other things to do...

Today, September 9th is the Classic Gospel Concert and it starts at 7:30PM. Now who does not like Gospel Music. It always has so much energy. So if you want to enhance your Hump Day stop on by the Orpheum tonight.

Tomorrow on Thursday, September 10th we have Erykah Badu. I know everyone is excited to see some amazing R&B! The concert starts at 8 PM.

The third event that will be taking place at the Orpheum is on Friday, September 11th. The Browns of Comedy will be on the main stage helping everyone laugh and as always just being hilarious. This show starts at 8 PM.

Now there are a lot of other events that are going to be going on this week/end. So let me know what they are and what you will be attending...

Also here is the link to the Classic's homepage for a listing of all the events and happenings.

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