Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Orignial Reality Show

In today's TV world reality television is almost all anyone cares to watch. From American Idol to Dancing with the Stars reality TV is so 'in' right now! So what is it that spurred this love for Reality Television? What is the first reality show that made people think, "Hey, I love me some reality television!"? Was it Real World, Survivor, Big Brother...I will argue that the first real reality show was "A Chorus Line". I know, I know it is not Television but it is a show and it IS REALITY!

'A Chorus Line' was created in New York when a director Michael Bennett gathered a group of Broadway dancers to talk about their careers, challenges, memories, dreams, and lives. He recorded over 40 hours of interviews before it became the script of A Chorus Line. Do these interviews sound vaguely familiar to current reality TV? I think so.

All of the songs that were created for 'A Chorus Line' refer to real life situations that Broadway dancers lived. While watching 'A Chorus Line' one can better understand what it takes to be a Broadway Dancer, the sweat, the tears, the boob jobs and the anxiety of trying to get the job so you can pay the rent!

Take these lyrics for example:

"I've come so far, but even so
It could be yes, it could be no"

How many times have we watched AI and your fave person was kicked off in what you felt was too soon. We feel their rejection pain with them. Well the same is true during 'A Chorus Line.' People finding themselves cheering on the actors on stage.

Or these lyrics:

"Left the theatre and
Called the doctor for my appointment to buy...
Bought myself a fancy pair.
Tightened up the derriere."

I mean who does not love Plastic Surgery Shows like Dr. 90210. Not that you need plastic surgery by any means to be a Broadway dancer but in the interviews there were some dancers who felt this had to be done in order to become famous.

So basically what I am saying is that we can all thank 'A Chorus Line' for giving the Television Creators the idea of using real people and real life situations to make good TV.

Do not forget to see the Reality of being a Broadway Dancer at The Orpheum from September 22-27. 525-7800.

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