Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Compilation of Facts

So this week at The Orpheum will unofficially be called 'Fact Week'--highly similar to Shark Week only awesomer cause you are getting facts about the Orpheum as opposed to killing creatures.

Listed below are all the facts I have posted on Twitter and Facebook plus more! Want to know a fact or have a question? Well than ask it and I can answer it!

The Orpheum has brought CATS to Memphis over 13 times and people still ask for it to come back!

The Orpheum Theatre was originally The Grand Opera House and was built in 1890!

The Orpheum was renovated in 1996 to expand the stage so we could bring in big shows like Phantom, Wicked, Lion King etc.

It can cost far more than $600,000 to bring a Broadway Show to Memphis! Thanks to our donors we are able to bring Broadway to Beale

During our Vaudeville days, we hosted stars such as Harry Houdini, George Burns, Madame Sarah Bernhardt and Helen Keller

The Orpheum has over 400 Volunteers that help with Ushering Shows and daily operations. Wow 400! How would we operate without our Volunteer Ushers!?

In 1940, M.A. Lightman, bought the Theatre and made it the flagship of Malco Movie Chain.

The Orpheum contributes over $500,000 each year in Sales Tax to the city, county, and state!

The Orpheum Theatre is a 501c3 and provides over 17 Arts Education Programs to the Mid South, including Star Search this Saturday!

It cost over $700,000 a year to maintain The Orpheum and keep it true to its history! Thanks to all our donors, The Orpheum continues to be a beautiful historical landmark!

The Orpheum Theatre actually loses over $1 Million each year due to the expenses of mataining the Theatre and bringing in shows. Thanks to donations we are able to recoup this loss and stay a premier Theatre.

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