Friday, October 23, 2009

Memphis: It's all the Rave

So if you have somehow not turned on your TV, not opened your Facebook, not checked Twitter, stopped reading all of the blogs, and completely failed to stay up to date on current affairs than I guess you may have not heard about 'Memphis' a new musical! And, for those who have heard about the show continue to spread the positive words.

Memphis opened on Broadway this past Monday, October 19th; needless to say it was a hit and the city of Memphis was represented! See the photos of some of the Memphians who came below and do not forget that the Peabody Ducks were also present!
Kevin Kane from Memphis CVB

Kerry Crawford, Memphis CVB, I Love Memphis

The Neelys even made the trip!

And of course Pat Halloran from the Orpheum

Now the best part was when the Star, Felecia, said "On my way to the Orpheum" in the show! Even though this was not a sporting event, all the Memphians wildly cheered. I mean what a honor!

For anyone who is making a trip to New York or is thinking about taking the trip, I highly recommend going to see this show. Having not seen it myself, I can only speak about what I have heard and quite frankly, it has all been good. I heard the energy is amazing, the story line is heart wrenching, and the songs and voices are inspiring and astonishingly wonderful.

For more information on the show visit their website at or check out the I Love Memphis blog for a full report of opening night

Have you seen Memphis or heard anything about the show?

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