Friday, October 9, 2009

An SEC Battle

Next Friday, October 17, 2009, there will be an SEC battle of sorts at the Orpheum Theatre. That is correct I am talking about Orpheum Star Search. We have star students competing from Ole Miss, The University of Tennessee, The University of Alabama and The University of Memphis will join as well. These students along with performers from local high schools will compete among each other to hold the title of Winner of the 2009 Orpheum Star Search.

This competition is dare I say better than your weekly SEC football battles because it only happens once a year not every week, the students are truly talented, and this year you, the audience, will get to vote for the People's Choice Award. I mean you do not get to vote which Football team wins each week. So be sure to come on out and vote because you do not want to let your school down. Come on out UT graduates, for you do not want Alabama beating you. Ole Miss, do not let UT cream you because the people did not vote for your talented schoolmate.

Here are the contestants for this year's show:
Daniel Ashmore (Ole Miss)
Suzanne Chapman (Harding Acad)
Alex Goldman (Lamar HS)
Henry Lui (Madison Academic Magnet HS)
James Curtis Mays (Bartlett HS)
Melodie Moore (GCS)
Rakeem Sprinkle (Bolton)
Melanie Stanek (UofM)
Kristian Alexius Thomas (UofM)
Amanda Tittle (UT)
Ashley Wieronski (U. of Alabama)

So be sure to come on out and support your school and favorite performer. The talent is sure to impress you. Check out the contestants by clicking the link below. Orpheum Star Search is next Friday, October 17 at 8:00PM. Tickets are on sale now.

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