Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Evening with Cary Grant

Tonight, the Orpheum will feature "The Philadelphia Story" in our Summer Movie Series, which stars one Hollywood’s greatest actors and my dear friend Cary Grant.

I always enjoy seeing him on the big screen, but I’ll never forget getting to know him as a person.  I remember fondly that he came to the Orpheum Theatre for a one-night performance of “A Conversation with Cary Grant.”  The evening began with a short film about Grant, his leading ladies, and his achievements.  Afterwards, he took the stage for a question-and-answer session and received a standing ovation.  He was 83 years old at the time.

One of the joys of my position here at the Orpheum is the opportunity to meet some of our most treasured guests, and I was fortunate enough to establish a relationship with Cary that would last until he passed away a year later.  Cary and his beautiful wife Barbara stayed in Memphis a total of three days.  Together we visited Paulette’s for lunch, Chez Philippe for dinner, and took a long walk through Goldsmith’s Gardens.  He thought Memphis was a charming city, but the compliment that I will always cherish was when Cary Grant himself came out on the Orpheum stage and said, “My, this is a beautiful theatre.”
Pat Halloran
Orpheum President and CEO

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