Thursday, June 6, 2013


Tony time is upon us!  The award show will air this Sunday on CBS, and as a TONY voter, I want to make a few predictions.  

For the top award, Best Musical of the year, I am pulling for KINKY BOOTS.  I must admit that the Orpheum invested in this production, so my enthusiasm may be a "wee bit" biased.  The show's main competition will come from MATILDA, which recently opened in NYC after a very successful run in London.  While MATILDA might win, I voted for KINKY.  Maybe that tells you something about me...

In the play division, the competition for best actor is hard to predict.  Nathan Lane, the perennial Broadway star, is in the lead because his performance in THE NANCE was so intense.  Some say that this is his best work in years.  Tom Hanks made his Broadway debut in LUCKY GUY and is certainly a strong contender, but I think the TONY AWARD voters (of which there are about 900) will most likely go with Lane.  I voted for Hanks not only because I thought he gave a performance worthy of the recognition, but - admittedly - I also like it when Broadway lures stars off the big screen to Great White Way.   
Pat Halloran
Orpheum President and CEO

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