Friday, July 19, 2013

Memphis Healthcare: Something To Be Proud Of

I have a rare condition that I share with actress Kate Bosworth called Heterochromia Iridium.  What are the characteristics or identifiable indications of this condition?  The first 5 people who comment below with the correct answer will win 4 tickets to one of the Orpheum's 2013 Summer Movies.

The fantastic reputation and service that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides for very ill children from around the world is well known.  Le Bonheur Children's Hospital is also famous for extending service and medical care for our young people and greatly enhances the level of care that Memphis offers its kids.

Methodist HealthcareBaptist Memorial HospitalThe MED, and Saint Francis Hospital help to make up Memphis' many broad-based healthcare institutions, providing excellent service for the entire Mid-South Community. 

When we weigh the city's commitment to healthcare, we find that educating our future health care providers is another major strength.  The University of Tennessee Health Science Center churns out doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals in almost every imaginable area of service.  The Southern College of Optometry is one of less than a half dozen institutes that sends Doctors of Optometry all over the nation to help those in need.  Nearly all of our local Community Colleges and Universities have programs that feed the need for healthcare professionals.    

The Church Health Center has created a model for providing health care for thousands of working class individuals that do not have any form of health insurance.  Dr. Scott Morris is a national treasure for what he has created in Memphis, and his ideas are being implemented all over the country.  Yes, the creative ideas of Danny Thomas and Dr. Scott Morris that have indeed made huge impacts on the world.  And those ideas were born right here in Memphis.   

This week I had the opportunity to explore yet another highly rated health service facility: The Hamilton Eye Institute, a division of UT Health Science Center, on Madison Avenue.  WOW!  Eye-care is at its finest within those walls, and it has 7 clinics located throughout the immediate region.  It is ranked in the top 10 nationally  for various and numerous services. 

Don't worry: my eyes had a good report!  But my recent visit to my new Ophthalmologist, Dr. James C. Flemming, just reminded me how lucky we are to have such great medical care available to us.  Healthcare is one more area where our community’s many great strengths and positive contributions have truly made an International impact.  We really need to take pride in what Memphis means to healthcare.  We are right up there with the country's leading institutions when it comes to this important part of who we are.

Pat Halloran
Orpheum President and CEO  



  1. Christine Weinreich, Southern College of OptometryJuly 19, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    You, sir, have eyes that are different colors!

    Thank you for recognizing the medical excellence in Memphis. I work for Southern College of Optometry, and I can tell you without reservation that we love being a member of the Memphis medical community! We're working to expand our outreach and community partnerships, so that we can provide the best education to our students while increasing our already enormous impact on our neighbors in need of care.

    My husband and I (who are recent transplants to Memphis) were just commenting last weekend on how impressed we are with the robust art, music and theater life of Memphis. Thanks to you and The Orpheum for adding so much value to our local arts landscape! Between our medical and arts communities, we sure do have a lot to brag about here in Memphis!

    1. Christine,

      You are correct! Please reply back with the movie you would like to see, and we will reserve 4 tickets to that movie under your name to be picked up at Will Call (please remember to bring your ID). Thank you for your kind words about the Orpheum - they mean a lot to us. And please let me be among the many to welcome you and your husband to Memphis! You are on the ground floor of great care in Memphis, and we very much appreciate all that you do!

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    1. Macmane,

      You are correct! Please email Christina Torres at with the movie of your choice and she will reserve your tickets at Will Call.

  4. Heterochromia Iridium is where a person or animal have eyes of different colors. It's kind of ironic that this question came up because I was just reading about this a couple weeks ago when a friend's dog, an Australian Sheperd, was born with one brown eye and one blue. I was pretty amazed at the number of celebrities that have heterochromia iridium.

    1. Mrs. Conway,

      Correct - I'm glad the article was so timely! Please email my assistant Christina Torres at with the movie of your choice, and she will get you set up with tickets to be picked up at Will Call. Thank you for your comments, and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming movie.

  5. Heterochromia Iridium is a difference in coloration of the eyes. Like Mrs. Conway says above a number of celebrities have it including Dan Aykroyd, who was in Ghostbusters (Jul 26 at the Orpheum).

    1. Matt,

      You're right! Bonus for catching another celebrity from our Movie Series. Please email Christina Torres at with upcoming movie you would like to see, and she'll set you up with the tickets. Thank you for playing, and for supporting our Summer Series!

    2. I emailed Christina - Thanks so much for the opportunity! We love the Summer Series!