Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Romeo, Romeo! Thou art everywhere, Romeo!

Carey Elise as Juliet and Wolfe Coleman as Romeo in
TSC's Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Joey Miller.
Those of you who have seen West Side Story before might have realized that the plot is a little, well, familiar.  Just about anyone who took a Literature class in high school would catch that West Side is a modernized, musical version of one of Shakespeare's most popular plays: Romeo and Juliet.

But West Side Story isn't the only adaptation of this Shakespeare classic.  In fact, even today, the story is everywhere!  From the computer animated cartoon Gnomeo and Juliet to the recent zombie flick Warm Bodies to straight-up reincarnations like the October 2013 limited release of Romeo and Juliet, people just can't get enough of this tragic tale of two doomed lovers.

With the help of Tennessee Shakespeare Company (TSC), Memphis' R&J craze is more prevalent than ever before.  Last year, TSC fully launched the "Romeo and Juliet Project" where educators went into schools all over the Greater Memphis area with a three-part hands-on study of the play for every 9th grader in each school.  The project was so successful that not only is TSC expanding the program, but it's also going to answer the demand for public performances of Romeo and Juliet

On January 28th and 30th, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Germantown Performing Arts Centre's Duncan-Williams Performance Hall, TSC's Romeo and Juliet will once again bring Shakespeare's original text to Mid-South audiences.  For these two magical performances, patrons will experience the full-bodied love story as if for the first time.

We hope you'll join us in embracing the full "Romeo and Juliet Experience" by seeing West Side Story this week (November 5 - 10) at the Orpheum Theatre and catching Shakespeare's original Romeo and Juliet with Tennessee Shakespeare Company January 28th and 30th!

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