Thursday, February 27, 2014

The other day, I was reminiscing about my time as President of The Orpheum Theatre.  I was trying to remember all that has happened in the past 33 years, all that time spent in the same office with the same responsibilities. 
When you get to my age you need a lot of help finding the facts - the accuracies of the memories.  But even with the haze of memory lane, I know I've been incredibly fortunate.  How many people can say they have dined with the legendary Cary Grant?  How many can say that they've worked with Gregory Peck, Tony Bennett, Yul Brenner, Jerry Seinfeld, Carol Channing, Tom Petty, Jay Leno, or Johnny Mathis?

I could go on dropping names, but the fact of this is that they didn’t come to Memphis to see me.  They came to Main and Beale to perform for you at the iconic Orpheum Theatre.  Thirty-three years into my career at the Orpheum and I can’t recall all of the fabulous shows, the great people, or the special events, but I do know this: with the recent run of WICKED, the Orpheum and the Memphis Development Foundation have welcomed approximately 275 Broadway engagements to Memphis, equaling over 2,000 performances.  I am very proud of those numbers.

The Orpheum is fortunate to have a staff of very talented  individuals with an exemplary commitment to detail in everything we do.  They make me look good.  We are honored to have a fantastic Board of Directors that is immensely generous with their time and financial support, hundreds of dedicated FOTO volunteers, and last but not least the generous sponsors, donors and patrons that allow us to keep moving forward with success.    
The great memories certainly pile up after 33 years, and you have helped make them possible.  Thank you!
Pat Halloran
Orpheum President and CEO   

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