Thursday, April 17, 2014

President's Page: Rocky Rocks the Ring

Continuing on our road to the Tony Awards, I was very surprised when I saw ROCKY - yes, the famed Sylvester Stallone movie is now a Broadway musical.  I was surprised because, honestly, I wasn’t expecting too much.  I was really skeptical: how could they turn this macho blood bath of a film into a musical?

Well, they did, and it worked.  While the story was the same as the first ROCKY, the production was awesome and very creative.  The cast was very good, and so were their voices.  The fight scenes looked almost real, but the finale with the big fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed was nothing short of fabulous - not so much the fight itself, but the boxing ring where the fight took place.  The ring was almost regulation size, and it rolled out over the first twelve rows in the center of the orchestra.  I was in Row 13 and could literally touch the “spit bucket” (not that I wanted to, but I could have).   
If you saw the movie you’ll remember how the audience was really engaged in the fight.  They were screaming and cheering when Rocky lasted the full 15 rounds of the championship bout.  Well, the sophisticated theater audience reacted much the same.  A standing ovation at the end of the show rewarded the performances in part, but it was also in support of the physical  movement of the stage – or the ring, rather.  This was my first time to see this in a Broadway production, and in my opinion, it equaled the helicopter scene in Miss Saigon.  Needless to say, I liked it, but at the same time I don’t anticipate that it will last more than a year at the Winter Garden Theatre, so see it while you still can! 

Pat Halloran
President and CEO

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