Thursday, November 20, 2014

Broadway Fun: How Many 'Christmas Story' References Can You Find In This Blog?

A Christmas Story, the Musical is almost here!  From leg lamps to pink bunny pajamas, this show is the rip-roaring, side-splitting comedy you know and love mixed in with festive, fun Broadway show tunes that will stick in your head for days.  In fact the original Ralphie, Peter Billingsley, is a producer of the Broadway show, and the musical was even nominated for a major award - the coveted Tony for Best Musical.

In the spirit of the show we want to ask you, what is your holiday wish?  And more importantly, what lengths would you go to to ensure the wish comes true? 

It doesn't have to be a Red Ryder BB Gun, it can be anything.  If you're gearing up for semester tests and college finals, you might be asking Santa for an early A+++++++ so you can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about the inevitable report card that's on its way.  We know more than one kid out there who's asking for a puppy, whether it be a Dalmatian, a Golden Retriever, or a Hound.  Just remember, if you ask for something fra-GEE-leh, make sure that Santa knows to pack it well.  Otherwise, you'll be mourning your present with a special performance of "Taps" before you even have a chance to enjoy it.

So now that you've got your wish in mind... how are you going to get it?  You could use the furnace pipes to whisper subliminal messages to your parents.  You could try a last-ditch bribe by leaving Santa fudge and Ovaltine instead of milk and cookies.  If all else fails, skip the subtlety - simply triple dog dare your little brother to walk up to your parents and tell them exactly what you want and how badly you want it.

Whatever you do, try to stay calm as the stress of enacting your plan starts to take its toll.  Don't shoot your eye out or sabotage the turkey or lick a frozen flagpole as a means to get your way - these are all very bad ideas.  A rousing rendition of "Deck the Halls" is always helpful in rejuvenating the yuletide spirit.  

Of course, its nice to remember that the holidays aren't always about presents (hard to believe, we know).  Your crazy uncle who eats like a little piggy is always good for a laugh.  Then there's that moment when your old man opens the macaroni masterpiece you made just for him, turns to you with those yellow eyes and says, "Thanks a lot!"  Or when you sit down to a feast of fresh-out-of-the-oven roast duck... smiling up at you. 

You know, Little Orphan Annie didn't have much, but she was always positive, and that's a pretty good lesson to keep in mind.  So whether or not you get that perfect gift, we hope your Christmas story is so good that you'll exclaim, "I can't put my arms down - I'm too excited about Christmas!"

A Christmas Story, The Musical plays at The Orpheum Theatre November 25 - 30th. 

Tickets are available at the Orpheum Box Office (901.529.3000), the official Orpheum website (, and all official Ticketmaster outlets (

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