Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spotlight: Getting the Rhythm Together

On Friday, March 27th, Rhythmic Circus will bring an electrifying evening of rapid-fire tap, sidesplitting humor, and finger-snapping tunes to the Bluff City with "Feet Don't Fail Me Now!"  This is not your old-school step-ball-change-type tap performance.  These guys (and gal) are bringing tap like audiences have never seen it before, with genre-hopping music and percussive dance.  Their infectious, unified style will have everyone moving to the beat, but believe it or not, the camaraderie is not just great stage presence - this group has known each other since they were kids!

Several of the dancers first met on the dance competition circuit as young performers.  While they were all vying for the top prize, they soon developed strong friendships and realized it was better to work together and grow faster as a team than to compete with one another.  As a result, they formed a group and got to work.

Meanwhile, Rhythmic Circus' talented band of musicians and singers were thinking along the same lines.  Some members of the band even met on the school bus in elementary school!  As they grew up, they collaborated and eventually built one of the most celebrated local bands in their home city of Minneapolis.

One fateful day, the two groups were competing against one another at a State Fair Talent Competition.  Once again, they didn't see adversity - they saw opportunity!  Tap is percussion; music is rhythm.  Not only was it a perfect fit, it took both creative endeavors to a whole new level!

Today, Rhythmic Circus has won several awards, enjoyed rave reviews, and have even toured across the globe.  Now, they're bringing it all to Memphis.  "Feet Don't Fail Me Now!" is more than great tap and phenomenal music, it's storytelling - their story in fact!  From being kids to joining the "Circus," they'll tell it all in their own special way, through a compelling performance that everyone in the family will enjoy.  But don't take our word for it.  Click the video above for a mini-documentary about Rhythmic Circus that includes scenes from the show and enlightening Q&A with the cast!

Rhythmic Circus' "Feet Don't Fail Me Now!" performs at The Orpheum Theatre Friday, March 27th at 6:30 PM.  Make plans to arrive early for engaging pre-show activities for the kids! Tickets start at just $15.  Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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