Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spotlight: Are You a STAR Student?

The 2014-15 STAR Council
The High School Musical Theatre Awards are a great chance for students to receive much-deserved recognition, but all students need a place to shine during the rest of the year. That’s where the Orpheum’s STAR Council comes in.

The STAR (Students Take A Role) Council acts as a student advisory board for The Orpheum Theatre. Members help to plan and coordinate events throughout the year, including Kids Night on Broadway, Family Series shows, and the High School Musical Theatre Awards. STAR Council members don’t have to be performers, or even involved in their school’s theatre programs. We just need dedicated students who have an interest in helping to coordinate Orpheum events and earn hands-on experience at a local nonprofit.

“STAR Council has been an amazing connection for me in high school because I've been able to become friends with other students outside of my own school who share my passion,” said Liza Alrutz. “I've been given the opportunity to see really cool shows, which isn't always easy to do with a high school schedule, and even work with some of the professionals in master classes or have talk backs after shows. It's hard to beat seeing the kids’ faces light up at the family shows too!”

In addition to STAR Council members, we’re also looking for STAR Reporters to review shows in the Orpheum's Broadway season and report on special events.

The STAR Council and STAR Reporters programs are open to all teens ages 16-19. Applications will be accepted starting in late May. If you’re interested in theatre, marketing, journalism, education, or other fields, we hope you’ll submit one. Download an application for the 2015 council at orpheum-memphis.com/starcouncil.

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