Friday, June 5, 2015

Spotlight: The Rewards of Learning at the Orpheum

Special Guest Column by Alex Kesner, the Orpheum's spring education intern

For the past two years I have served as the Spring Education and Community Relations Intern. At first, I thought it would be like any other internship where you make copies and fetch coffee but, boy was I wrong! This internship was been more valuable than anything I could have imagined. I have learned everything from making spreadsheets to cutting music, from creating a craft for a Family Series show to assistant stage managing the High School Musical Theatre Awards.

The majority of each of my internships were focused on preparing for the HSMTAs. In the months prior to the awards I was in charge of creating and updating rehearsal and performance schedules, making name tags and sign-in sheets for all of our performers, editing the script, and other small tasks here and there. I was given a lot of responsibility and placed in charge of a lot, and that is why I am now more confident in all that I do. The Orpheum's education department did not look at me as an intern that could only do small tasks that needed to be supervised -- Alice, Lindsay, Brittany, and Rachel looked at me as a part of their team, and because of their trust I was able to succeed.

Alice and Lindsay let me shape each internship directly to what would be best for me and challenge me in my future as a stage manager. It is incredible how dedicated the entire staff is to teaching the upcoming generation. I was never afraid to ask questions or say I didn't understand because they took every moment as a teaching opportunity that I could grow from.

My time at the Orpheum has been invaluable because of the people that I have worked with. Each staff member at The Orpheum is not only focused on their day-to-day job but also on how to make the interns succeed. The staff truly cares about making sure you leave your internship learning everything you want and more. I strive to be as go-getting, fearless, and all-knowing as Alice. I wish to be as kind, patient, and loving as Lindsay. I wish to be as light-hearted, and creative as Brittany. I wish to be as passionate and put-together as Rachel. I have learned not only how to work in an office but I have become a better human being because of the lessons I have learned from the Education Staff.

I believe because of my internships I will be able to go on and do whatever I want with my future, because they believe in me and have taught me so much. I truly will miss spending every day at The Orpheum. 

Alex Kesner will be a junior at the University of Memphis this fall and is working toward her BFA in Theatre with a concentration in Design and Technical Theatre with an emphasis in Stage Management.

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